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Withdrawal of Proposed Tax Regulations Affecting Availability of Valuation Discounts to Family Business Owners

In September and December of last year, we posted blog articles discussing the Treasury Department’s issuance of proposed regulations under Section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code (sometimes referred to as the 2704 proposed regulations) that could have significantly impacted the valuation of interests in family-owned businesses for estate and gift tax purposes. On October 2, … Continue Reading

Laying the Foundation for Success: Structuring the Board of Directors in a Family-Owned Business

My husband and I are about two weeks shy of completing construction on our new home, so outside of work, construction is our life. In construction, the concept of compounding defects means a defect in the foundation compounds as you build up, impacting everything from the framing to the drywall. This concept applies to family-owned … Continue Reading