Over the next several posts, we will be diving into the topic of family philanthropy. Since the topic is so broad, we have divided it into segments that we will cover in the coming weeks. Each segment is intended to give you food for thought as you consider the
choices available to families that wish to engage in philanthropy together. Here’s an overview:

Segment I: What are the benefits of family philanthropy?

Teaching financial values, sharing investment philosophies, raising charitable children, and creating meaningful family experiences are just some of the benefits to family philanthropy this piece will address.

Segment II: What giving vehicle is right for my family? 

For some, family philanthropy automatically brings to mind the creation of a family foundation.  While family foundations are appropriate for some families, we will also explore other options, including donor advised funds and giving circles.

Segment III: Making your family foundation’s corpus work as hard as its grants  

Grant making is an important part of the work of family foundations. However, some families are looking at ways to put their principal to work for social or environmental impact while sustaining long-term financial return. Not only is it possible to invest principal to further your charitable objectives, but families are also developing strategies to spend down their charitable assets faster than required by the IRS.

Segment IV: I’m ready to start thinking about family philanthropy, so where should I start?

In our last segment, we will provide you with some topics and questions for your family and advisors to start discussing as you begin planning or retooling your family’s philanthropic strategy.

If you are thinking about how your family can make an impact in your community, or if you want to brainstorm ways to take your family’s giving to new heights, we are available to discuss these and other topics related to charitable giving.